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Devil's Little Girl

by Tinisha Johnson

Logline: The devil’s daughter befriends a life coach to help her find a marriage mate and take over her father’s reign.
Feature Script
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Pages: 101

Valentina is the Devil’s daughter with a mysterious innocence, and yearns for a different life. After years of her father destroying her relationships and murdering her mortal boyfriends, she’s had enough.

Against her father’s wishes, she moves out of his controlling castle to explore her sexuality, and notices her powers are increasing. She begins her search for a mortal to marry and have a son with, while secretly planning to take over her father’s reign.

She feels as though Jordan, a life coach and ex-soldier would be perfect for her, after she witnesses him save a man from a public suicide. She manages to become one of his clients as a ploy to gain his trust and acceptance, but discovers he’s still in love with his deceased wife.

Valentina falls deeper for Jordan, and is willing to woo him anyway she can, even if it means creating an alternate life and pretending to be his dead wife.

As Valentina’s dating attempts fail, her revival with her father grows, her desperation for control takes over, and she now becomes more sinister than the Devil.

Can Valentina have the life she wants, including Jordan’s love, or will her evil nature take over?

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