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For Love or Success?

For Love or Success
Can Money buy Love?


(This is an eBook - 100 pages)

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For Love or Success
by Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Jasmine Carter is a successful career woman with no children, who wins at work, but fails at relationships. She’s used to dating white-collared men, and prefers them.

So when she meets laid-back, down to earth, single father Keith Matthews, a tall, dark, and handsome bus driver, she has no intentions or interest. However, when one thing leads to another, they form a surprising friendship. Jasmine soon finds herself silently falling for him, but resists the urge because for her and the man she dates – a successful career is a must.
Soon after, she meets James Erikson, a charming and wealthy Business Owner. They start to date and things move quickly. However, Jasmine is unsure. There comes a point where Jasmine must make a decision, but what will it be based off – love or success?