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Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman


(This book has been re-published in a newer verson)

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Lessons Learned - Paperback
 230 pages

As a Black woman, have you ever dealt with insecurities and pressures from the world that made you feel unsure about yourself or life in general? Do you want answers and solutions to your most deepest, darkest feelings?

If so, Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman is a book you need to read. It’s an inspirational and uplifting book, emphasizing ten life lessons that addresses your most intimate, personal, and professional life.

In Lessons Learned, the author passionately and straightforwardly expresses and lays out the following:

  • The “Q&A Method” of problem solving life’s problems
  • Understanding your deepest feelings and using the positive to overcome the negative
  • Recognizing and learning the importance of self-worth 
  • What Women tend to think the definition of true happiness is
  • The Five most common types of Black women
  • What some Black women say to themselves that they would never say out loud
  • Why Black women sacrifice their souls
  • Balancing Children, Family, and Friends

The author thought it necessary to create a book specifically catered to Black women in the self-healing process while laying out techniques on how to gain more self-confidence and strengthen your self-worth and your overall life.

The book Lessons Learned reminds Black women the importance of loving themselves first.


2010 Best Books by the Sankofa Literary Society
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Watch Tinisha's interview on WGN-TV Midday News. Tinisha talks about her book Lessons Learned.

The author addresses key issues such as: Self-worth, self-love, what some black women tend to think the definition of true happiness is, and the five most common types of black women.

"I wanted to create a book that addresses the most top ten lessons that I've personally had to deal with and overcome, or issues I saw other black women struggling with. I wanted to let the world know regardless of how it was perceived, that black women are beautiful, unique, and are excelling more than ever. Statistics alone don't tell the true story behind the black woman. And although this book is catered towards a specific race of women, the concepts in my book would benefit any woman."

Reviews and Praise for the book:

“This is a must read that is sure to change the way Black women view themselves and their place in this world. I highly recommend this book.”
– Linda R. Herman, Author of Consequences  

“... so very relevant for today's women, especially today's Black Women...the writer not only gives suggestions, but provides simple, comprehendible examples of how having the right foundation is the basis of all that we attempt to build...”
– Marie Antionette, Author of A Girl Named Job

“From creating balance in your life, to tackling issues of self-worth, Tinisha Nicole Johnson brilliantly and powerfully provides life lessons in this inspirational and spiritually nourishing must read, Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman. This book serves as a gateway to true healing.”
– Elissa Gabrielle, Author and Publisher

“Tinisha Nicole Johnson has set the stage for us as Black women…”
– Allyson M. Deese, co-author of Somebody Prayed for Me 

"This enlightening book of womanly wisdom serves as the medicine that heals the women stuck in their past failures, the motivation that encourages women to overcome their present fears and the inspiration women need to position ourselves for a productive future."
–Tanya White, Author of Girl, You Can Win!/Host of Real Talk With Tanya White Radio Show