A Writers Fantasy

Author, Screenwriter and Poet


Tinisha Nicole Johnson and Linda R. Herman present the much anticipated novel about how far someone will go for love...

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The tale of a man torn between two different and dangerous women who love him.

By society’s standards, Nigel Alexander is considered a man most women desire - late thirties, tall, dark, rich, single, and exceptionally handsome.  When Rayna Payne, a thirty-something southern widow, and single mother, moves to Atlanta, it’s love at first sight for Nigel. Her down to earth nature reels him in for the catch.  But she’ll soon find out there is another woman in his life who will constantly test her, and stand between her and Nigel. Isis Cross is her name and she is a woman who possesses beauty, money, and power.

Although very materialistic, Isis has loved Nigel since high school, and has gone to great lengths to keep his dating relationships short lived. On the other hand, we soon learn Rayna has a darker side to her, and a few skeletons set to leap from her closet. Isis has finally met her match.

Who will Nigel choose? Or will it be his choice?

Jealousy puts a deadly twist and multiple deceptions on this love triangle, and in the end, only the strong survive.